Growing Together Logo.

A community partnership delivering a Craigshill based Growing Together Project.

Working in our local communities we are creating and cultivating community gardens, hosting cooking sessions and community events, promoting the ability to create nutritious meals at home and supporting people of all ages who want to grow food.

Thanks to funding secured through the Scottish Government’s Investing in Communities Fund, the project team can offer a range of community based ‘plot to plate’ activities which are great fun and free to take part in. We will provide 'grow your own' kits for participants to use at home, give practical help through instruction manuals and our YouTube Channel and we will make use of raised planters at four Almond HA community garden sites.

Our aim is that local people from all age groups engage with the project, through growing activities, workshops and community food events designed to support sustainable lifestyle changes. Growing Together is run in partnership with West Lothian Youth Action Project and The Conservation Volunteers (TCV).

What is Growing Together?

Growing Together is a project that gives residents the opportunity to grow their own fresh fruit and vegetables, with guidance and help along the way.

Who can get involved?

Anyone can get involved in Growing Together! The project is based in Craigshill and any residents can get involved. You don't need to be a tenant of Almond HA.

To get involved, email Barbara at to register your interest.

Why should I get involved?

This is a very exciting opportunity to learn how to grow your own food - and it's all free! We will provide you with everything you need and even give suggestions of recipes to make with fresh produce. It is also a great opportunity to meet local people, become more active and really make a difference to the place that you live.

Where is the project being held?

The project is based in Craigshill and is open to all Craigshill residents.

Rowan Grove Community Garden – nestled between the houses, this garden is the largest growing space for vegetables, fruit and a range of flowers and shrubs. A great event space for the community

The Secret Garden in Forth Drive – a quiet walled garden filled with a variety of shrubs, flowers and a gorgeous cherry tree. A tranquil place to sit and enjoy the outdoors.

Hobart Street Community Garden – sited on the little hill behind Riverside Primary school, this is a working garden used to produce fruit and vegetable.

Let’s Get Cooking – the project runs cooking sessions in the Community Wing beside Riverside Primary School. You can also access a range of recipes and cooking demos on our YouTube channel.

When is it happening?

Right now! The project is ongoing, and you can get involved at any point by emailing Our aim is to run this project and improve skills within the local community so that we all learn to gow, cook and eat nutritious food for the rest of our lives.

Are there opportunities to help in the gardens?

Everyone is welcome to visit the community gardens and attend any of the events and activities that are hosted in the gardens. Rowan Grove and Hobart Street need your help, if you can spare an hour or want to volunteer weekly we’d love to hear from you! There is no obligation and you can get involved as much or as little as you like!