Our Board of Management

Almond Housing Association is led by a voluntary Board of Management, which is responsible for the governance of the multi-million pound business. It has between 7 and 15 members on it at any one time.

Any member of the Association, as defined in the Membership Policy, may be nominated and stand for election to the Board. Elections are held at the Annual General Meeting. The nomination and election procedures are explained in the information sent to every member before the AGM.

Board Members

Our current Board Members are Adam Turner (Chair), Anne Gault, Christopher Boyle, Craig Morton, Jeremy Hewer, Martin Joyce, Neil Tulloch, Steven Prevost and Victoria Bluck.

Board Members support the Association’s aims and objectives, and each individual brings a particular skill. A large proportion of the Board will either be Association tenants or residents of West Lothian who support the Association’s aims and objectives. Board meeting minutes can be viewed here.

Board vacancies

If vacancies remain after the AGM, the Board may co-opt individuals to bring membership up to the maximum of 15, and/or to bring particular skills or professional experience to the Board. Co-opted members may serve until the next AGM, at which time they will stand down, but they will be eligible to stand for election if they are an Association member and are nominated.

Being a Board Member

Each Board Member is expected to contribute actively and constructively to the work of Almond. Each member must accept and share collective responsibility for the decisions properly taken by the Board. All members are equally responsible in law for the decisions made.

Each member must act only in the best interests of Almond and its customers, and not on behalf of any constituency, other organisation or interest group.