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Almond Enterprises Limited (AEL) is a Social Enterprise company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Almond Housing Association.

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AEL carry out a range of high quality, good value cleaning and environmental services across West Lothian for Almond Housing Association and a number of other commercial customers. Customers include property management companies, commercial organisations and landlords such as Weslo Housing and West Lothian Council.

Services include:

  • Stair cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Rubbish removal and environmental clearances
  • Specialist PC cleaning
  • Void cleans and clearance work
  • Smoke detector checks
  • Envirovent checks
  • Litter picking and soft landscaping works
  • Window cleaning
  • Site office cleaning

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Who are AEL?

AEL currently employs 10 operatives, 2 supervisors, and a manager. The staff generally work in either the stair cleaning team or the ad hoc team.

AEL has its own Board of Management which is responsible for the governance of the organisation. Current Board members are Margaret Schonberger, Alistair Barton, Kevin Clark, Tatyana Duffie and Andrew Saunders. Each Board member is expected to contribute positively to the work of AEL and share collective responsibility for decisions taken by the Board.

We are currently recruiting for new Board members.

Social Enterprise

Although we aim to be a profitable and sustainable business, we differ from most companies by donating surplus profits to local community groups, charities and voluntary organisations via our parent company, Almond Housing Association. This year the surplus will be used for some of the following projects:

  • Housing First: A project to provide tenancies and support to care leavers with indicators of complex need. The project is run by Almond Housing Association (AHA) and the Rock Trust.
  • Starter Packs: The Starter Pack project provides new tenants with AHA a starter pack containing basic household essentials.
  • Imagination Library: AHA has partnered with The Dolly Parton Imagination Library to provide free books for tenants’ children from 0-5 years old.

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