Apply for a House

Almond Housing Association has a stock of 2514 properties, and anyone over 16 years old can apply for a house with us.

Almond Housing Association, Link Group and West Lothian Council work together to operate the West Lothian Housing Register. This means that you only need to fill in one application form to be listed for all three housing providers.

How do I apply?

The quickest way to register for a house is by applying online. If you would prefer a printed form, you can download one from our website or get in touch and we will send a hard copy to your address.

Application and keys

If you have a medical condition that means you have specific needs, a Property Needs Assessment Form should be completed along with your Housing Application. These are available at the same places as the Housing Application Form.

Where can I submit my application?

Once you have completed the application you can submit it to any of Almond Housing Association, Link Group, or West Lothian Council’s offices. Your application will be shared between the three landlords, and it does not matter where you get the form from or where you return it to.

What happens next?

Any property offered will be on the basis of the information you put down on the form. However this does not guarantee that you will be allocated a property, as we have far more demand than available homes for let.

Vacant properties are allocated using a Group Quota system and on a points basis to make sure that those in the most housing need are given priority. This means that your Housing Application Form will be assessed and you will be awarded points based on your circumstances and needs.

Can I change my details?

While waiting for a property please tell us about any changes to your contact details or circumstances. You can download our Household Details Change Form and Change of Address Form on our website.

Over 2500 properties

Almond Housing Association has a stock of over 2500 properties in Craigshill, Eliburn, Howden and Ladywell, with limited stock in the Whitburn and Bathgate areas. To find out what type of housing we can provide in the areas you may be interested in, see our Breakdown of Stock.

Rents range from £280.69 for a one bedroom property to £509.60 for a five bedroom new build property per calendar month. More on rents here.