Growing Together: Get Involved

What you can get involved with right now!

During Coronavirus and the current lockdown restrictions, we have adapted our activities to keep everyone safe so you can get involved from home.

Although we have had to delay some of our work including cooking classes, our team have been working behind the scenes to cook nutritious meals, provide healthy food parcels and deliver these to residents in Craigshill during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Moving forward, we are adapting our project to allow residents to take part in the safest way possible - from their own homes! We are planning to deliver 'grow your own' kits to anyone who wants to take part in the project.

What is a 'grow your own' kit?

Grow Your Own - Peashoots

We have created various kits that provide everything needed to grow your own fruit and vegetables at home. For example, we will have a kit that enables you to grow your own pea shoots. Inside the kit you will find a helpful guide with nutritional information, instructions on how to grow from your own home and trays, seeds and soil to get you started.

To get involved and to receive your first 'grow your own' kit, get in touch with Barbara at Each month we will have a different fruit or vegetable for you to grow and as soon as we're able to safely return to the community gardens, we will invite you to come along to plant more nutritious food.

Access our 'grow your own' instruction kits available so far.


In addition to providing you with the opportunity to grow your own food, we will be providing recipes that you can cook with the freshly grown produce.

The plan is to create Food Friday sessions where you can come along to the Riverside Community Wing and cook, eat and share with others. While we're in lockdown however, we will be delivering 'makeyour own' kits and providing ingredients and step-by-step recipes for you to cook from home!

Access our 'make your own' instruction kits available so far.

After Lockdown

We have plans in place for how we continue the project after lockdown when we go back to a 'new normal.' Find out more about our plans for after lockdown and what else you could get involved in!