Energy Performance Certificates

All properties rented after 4th January 2009 must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), and all our properties have an EPC in place.

Energy Performance CeritificateAll domestic and commercial buildings in the UK available to buy or rent must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). If you are a tenant with Almond Housing Association, there will therefore be an EPC in your home. The certificate is usually displayed beside the electric meter or next to the boiler, and is valid for 10 years from when issued.

If you do not have an EPC, please contact your Housing Officer.

What are EPCs?

EPCs tell you how energy efficient a building is and give it a rating from A (very efficient) to G (inefficient). EPCs lets us know how costly it will be to heat and light the property, and what its carbon dioxide emissions are likely to be.

The EPC will also state what the energy-efficiency rating could be if improvements are made, and highlights cost-effective ways to achieve a better rating. Some improvements noted on the EPC may be worth implementing, such as switching to more energy-efficient light bulbs.

Almond Housing Association uses the EPCs to build up information on what improvements are needed to bring our properties up to meeting the higher ratings.