HOS Helps in partnership with Almond HA

We have been listening to your feedback about how we can help when tenants are having a tough time and we are delighted to introduce a brand new, free, tenant support and wellbeing service. Delivered by Housing Options Scotland (HOS), tenants can access a dedicated, impartial support service to help them with any issues that are making their home life difficult.

What sort of things can the service do?

The list is long but we have a few examples below:

  • They can help with any applications you need to fill out, including making phone calls, helping with application forms, or assisting you to appointments.
  • They can provide a listening ear if you’re going through a difficult time and signpost you in the right direction if you would like more specialised help.
  • They can provide details about the local area, including employment and volunteering opportunities, community initiatives and local groups.

This is a flexible service and can help with a one-off short-term problem, or support over a longer period of time.

Introducing the Housing Options Scotland team:

Moira Bayne: Moira has been CEO of Housing Options Scotland for over 10 years and overlooks the organisation to keep everything running smoothly.

Olivia Lindsay: Olivia has been working with Housing Options Scotland for 4 years and works with the Housing Options Brokers to make sure they have everything they need to help their clients.

Tessa Law: Tessa will be dedicated to the needs of Almond HA tenants and will be on hand to help in any way she can.

Tessa will be the main point of contact for AHA tenants. To find out more about this service you can either speak to your housing officer by calling 01506 439291.

Self Referral

You can also self-refer by downloading and completing a referral form and returning to info@housingoptionsscotland.org.uk.

Moira Bayne

Olivia Lindsay

Tessa Law