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Don't miss out on the Warm Home Discount

The Warm Home Discount is a Government scheme which energy suppliers can sign up to, offering a one-off rebate of £140 to customers who might struggle to pay their Winter fuel bills.

Regulated by ofgem, it's worth discovering whether your gas or electricity supplier offers this - so you don't miss out.

While some people automatically qualify for the WHD, others must apply for the discount or they will not receive it.

Warm Home Discount

We recently put out a call on our social media channels, to customers of Utilita Energy who needed to apply for the WHD between August 8-15. Our Affordable Warmth Advisor Andy Price was on hand to advise Almond tenants who are Utilita customers on whether they were eligible and how to claim.

In all, he helped 23 tenants and secured almost £800 worth of discounts.

British Gas and Scottish Power are now accepting applications for the Warm Home Discount. You can apply online here for the British Gas scheme, or here for Scottish Power. But feel free to contact Andy for help in making your claim.

Other energy providers are still to open their Warm Home Discount schemes. When they do, it's important customers don't miss out.

Any Utilita customers who missed the deadline - or those who are with companies which don't offer the WHD - may still be able to claim the discount, by changing energy providers over the next few weeks.

Almond's Affordable Warmth Advisor Andy wants to help you make the most of this opportunity to save on your fuel bills.

Call him on 07801 273994 or make an appointment through Almond's Housing Support Team on 01506 439 291.Andy Price with blue frame

He can:

  • check if your supplier offers the Warm Home Discount
  • find out if you qualify
  • apply on your behalf

So don't delay. Get in touch now.