Do You Need Help With Your Garden?

Some tenants are entitled to help with maintaining their garden, specifically grass cutting.

As an Almond tenant, it is your responsibility to keep your garden tidy, and our Housing Officers carry out regular checks to make sure that the area where you live is clean, tidy and well maintained. However, tenants who struggle to maintain their garden, might qualify for our garden schemes.

The schemes offer basic garden maintenance help between March and September.

Do I qualify?

To get help with maintaining your garden you must be either:

  • Over 70 years old, or registered blind or disabled
  • Suffering from ill health and receiving Disability Living Allowance
  • Aged between 65 & 69 with a Doctors Certificate

How do I apply?

If you fall into this category and are not yet on the list please contact your Housing Officer for advice. You can also apply by filling in a Garden Scheme application and returning this to us.

Please note, if you have any able bodied adults in the house you will not qualify.

Two schemes

There are two schemes available to help look after the gardens of tenants who are unable to do so themselves.

  • The Grass Cutting Scheme is available for those needing help with grass cutting and hedge trimming only.
  • Top up Garden Scheme is designed to give help which is not available under the main grass cutting scheme, such as border maintenance, digging and pruning. We also cut grass and trim small hedges if you are eligible under the scheme.

There is no charge for either scheme at the moment.

Please note that...

  • An inspection of your garden will be carried out to see if any additional work is needed before you join the scheme
  • If there are any changes to your circumstances, for example, if an able bodied person moves in with you or you buy your house, you will have to write in to inform us of this
  • We reserve the right to decide how much work can be done in your garden under the scheme. We will let you know if we cannot do all the work you have asked for
  • Once on the scheme you must not make alterations to your garden. This includes adding additional flowers etc.
  • The gardeners will take all reasonable care and will leave your garden in as tidy a condition as they can
  • Almond Housing Association will not accept liability for any damage to your property or anything in your garden

For those currently receiving help through the Garden Aid Schemes, we have updated the visit dates following the Coronavirus pandemic:

Visit no.

Start date

End date

10th cut



11th cut



12th cut




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If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our Garden Schemes, do not hesitate do get in touch with us on 01506 439291.